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Have you always fancied having a go?

Six weekly blocks of lessons where you can learn all aspects of throwing pottery

from the preparation of clay

to the throwing and recycling of clay.  

If you continue with lessons on a regular basis we can also cover the basics of glazing if required.

Whether its a particular object you've always wanted to make, or you've been inspired by The Great Pottery Throwdown and want to become a potter, these lessons will provide you with the equipment and encouragement you need to get started.

MONDAY         Mornings      10am - 12pm

                         Afternoons   1.30pm - 3.30pm

                         Evenings       6pm - 8pm

WEDNESDAY  Evenings       6pm - 8pm

Alternatively if you fancy having a go but don't want to commit to weekly lessons, or you want to give someone the gift of a potting experience, Jacky offers a 'One Off Experience" - 3 hours of pure potting.

No preparation, no clean up, just stick on a pinny, watch a demonstration, then down to mucky business!

For all enquiries, including booking availability and gift vouchers

 please telephone Jacky on 07740291608 or email carmelpottery@outlook.com