Fancy having a go?


Six weekly blocks of lessons where you can learn all aspects of pottery,

from the preparation of clay, throwing, handbuilding and recycling of clay.

If you continue with lessons on a regular basis we can also cover the

basics of glazing & firing if required.


Whether its a particular object you've always wanted to make or

you've been inspired by The Great Pottery Throwdown and want to 

become a potter, these lessons will provide the equipment and the

encouragement you need to get started.


Monday Mornings    10am - 12am

              Afternoons 1.30pm - 3.30pm

              Evenings    6pm - 8pm



Alternatively if you fancy a go but dont want to commit to weekly lessons

Jacky offers a 'One off experience' - 3 hours of pure potting.  

No preparation just stick on a pinny, watch a demonstration, then down to mucky business!


For all enquiries including booking availibility please telephone Jacky

on 07740291608